Announcing Auditions for October's Late Night...

Two Tales of Revenge

AUDITIONS: Saturday, August 31, 11am - 2pm; Auditions will consist of readings from the scripts. No appointment necessary.

REHEARSALS: Start September 9th, 10pm to Midnight

SHOW DATES: Late night, Friday and Saturday, October 11 and 12 at 11:30pm, and Sunday, October 13 at 6pm



Written by Michelle Guerrero
Directed by Michael Pawloski

Set in London in the late 1800's. When the prostitutes of The White Chapel District grow tired of living in fear of being the next victim of the Ripper, they come together and come up with a plan to kill The Ripper themselves and dispose of his body.

Characters to be cast:

(Note: All characters require a London or Cockney accent.)

  • Alice - The unofficial leader of the group. Alice is motivated, opinionated, head strong, and fed up with being a potential victim of Jack the Ripper.

  • Anne - Highly emotional and terrified of being killed by The Ripper.

  • Cora - The part of Cora has been cast.

  • Elizabeth - The murder of Elizabeth Stride opens the show.

  • Kat - Small and mouse-like, Kat is very quiet and scared of everything.

  • Jack The Ripper - Large, ominous, and terrifying.

  • The Bartender - A bartender, can be double cast as Jack the Ripper.


Written by Michelle Guerrero
Directed by John Buford

A young woman seeks revenge on the football players that raped her sister and caused her to commit suicide.

  • Girl - 18-24 years old, appears small, innocent, and weak.

  • Guy - 17-19 years old. He is an athlete; very handsome and charming.


In addition to actors, The Empty Space is always looking for volunteers in all aspects of technical production: stage managing, lighting & sound design, set construction, costume creation, and more! Show up to auditions and let us know what you'd like to help out with!