The Empty Space Gallery Presents

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a group exhibit featuring grown-up recreations of kids’ drawings

Art Imitates Art is an exhibit in which children, 14 years of age or younger, submitted drawings to be re-created by adult artists, using the same shapes and composition, into a piece of fine art. Both the child’s drawing and adult’s art piece will be displayed together and are available for purchase.

Join us for a reception on Saturday, October 6, 2018, from 2pm to 5pm as we celebrate the artists, both young and old! There will be complimentary drinks and refreshments for our guests and a chance to mingle with the artists.

Our adult artists include: John Buford, Corky Blain, Ron Warren, Claire Miller, Jolie Roberson, Kristina Saldaña, Jesus Fidel, Brynia Harris Czbuko, Alexandro Zamora, Shawn Rader, Heidi Haarsarger, Michelle Guerrero, Aaron Wherry, Robyn Dyer, Mike Roussel, Trevor Bossaert, Alex Ortiz, Tina Hoagland, Jorge Guillen, Alisyn Palla, Julio Pineo, Rodney Palla, Kevin Gardner, Susan Roussel, Jeremy Gonzales, Christopher Castillo, and Ashelymarie Sey Lively.

Our child artists include: Adelyn Garber, Andre Ardrade, Annika Swanson, Anniston Jarvis, Ashton Jarvis, Audriana Duenas, Bayleigh Ochoa, Breckyn Robinson, Charlotte Emery, Christopher Bridges, De'Ja Land, Dexter Frank Bernard, Elizabeth Nowell, Ethan Glover, Everett Treadwell, Finn Emery, Grayson Garber, Hailey Alexander, Jack Nowell, Jorg Arreola, Julia Duron, Kerris Frank Bernard, Leslie Cabrera, Lilly Brock, Lyra Frank Bernard, Molly Emery, Molly Garber, Peter Swanson, Romeo Duron, Seth Meadors, Shaylee Treadwell, Violet Collier, Violet Swanson, Zoe Emery

The exhibit runs September 28-November 17, 2018 at The Empty Space Gallery, located at 706 Oak Street, Bakersfield CA, 93304.

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The Empty Space Gallery at Eureka! Presents:

Trevor Bossaert


On Display September 3-November 30, 2018

Visit our secondary gallery located in Eureka! Restaurant, 10520 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93311. This mini-gallery features an array of different artists throughout the year, along with a portfolio of their small and mid-sized works of art.

Our current gallery features 12 acrylic works by local artist, Trevor Bossaert.

All items in the gallery are available for purchase at the restaurant with 100% of the proceeds going to The Empty Space [a 501(c)3 non-profit] and the local artist.

Stop by Eureka!, grab a burger, and check out the art in The Empty Space Gallery at Eureka!


The Empty Space invites artists to submit proposals for an exhibition of contemporary art in our 1000 sq ft space.  Our gallery gives new and emerging artists as well as seasoned veterans the opportunity to display their works in a professional gallery atmosphere. Portfolios can be submitted electronically or appointments can be made with gallery director, Jesus Fidel at