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Is this your first audition? Don't fret! Here are some helpful hints to get you the best audition possible:


1. Please enter through the audience entrance doors, located on the east side of the building.


2. Read the audition notice thouroughly and prepare all necessary materials required in the notice.


3. Arrive with enough time to fill out our audition form. Resumes and head shots are not mandatory, but welcomed.


4. Plan to spend at least 30-60 minutes at the audition.


5. Have fun and relax! Because of the intimate state of our space, we like to see how natural and charismatic you are for the audience.


6. Casting generally takes about a week so please be patient! Everyone who auditioned will get a casting notification, whether you've been cast or not.


Break a leg!


Copyright 2013 Empty Space Productions

Announcing auditions for the June production at The Empty Space...


Directed by Ron Warren

Musical Direction by Kelsey Morrow


Auditions will be held at The Empty Space (706 Oak St) on Saturday, March 25 ~ Noon-4pm and Sunday, March 26 ~ Noon-4pm.


Auditions will be BY APPOINTMENT. Times slots are available each day, and will begin on the hour. Auditioners will be seen in groups, and should expect to spend a full hour at the audition.


Please email UrinetownTES@gmail.com with your preferred range of times to secure an appointment, or with inquiries about limited audition opportunities outside the official audition times.


Auditioners should come prepared to perform cold readings from the script, and to learn short musical pieces and harmonies taught by the vocal director. Auditioners DO NOT need to come with prepared monologues or musical selections, though familiarity with the show’s music is recommended.


Performance dates: Weekends, June 1 - 24

Rehearsals to begin mid-April.


URINETOWN is a hilarious, satirical musical, fiercely proud of its awful title and off-putting subject matter. Set in a city plagued by a 20 year drought (sound familiar?), URINETOWN follows the story of the downtrodden poor forced to pay a fee to use toilets, and their fight to be free of the Urine Good Company, which profits from the drought and sends illegal pee-ers to the mysterious ‘Urinetown’ as punishment. Aping the style of early 20th century political theatre, URINETOWN lampoons corporate greed and short-sighted populism alike.


If you have any further questions, please contact the director at UrinetownTES@gmail.com.

Roles To Be Cast